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This class will teach children basic gymnastics skills. They’ll explore different equipment while increasing flexibility and coordination to improve their self-esteem.


Children dive into swimming and learn fast with our personalized swimming lessons. We also offer small classes to teach kids the basics in a group setting.


Ballet is a very unique style of dance that teaches kids much more than how to dance. It is a wonderful way to improve flexibility, gain strength and learn to stand and walk with grace and poise.


Whether children are beginners, intermediate or advanced players, this program will improve their game and help them get more enjoyment from tennis.


When exercise is this much fun, children don’t realize they are working out. This easy to follow cardio dance class combines high energy and motivating Latin music.


We want to challenge children differently in every class! Workouts are designed to improve their overall fitness – strength, cardio, flexibility, agility and endurance.

martial arts

This empowering cardio workout will leave children energized. They will punch, kick and kata their way through calories to superior cardio fitness.


This development program helps introduce children to the game of basketball. The program teaches basketball skills in a fun and loosely structured environment.

soccer and football

Our high-energy soccer and football classes are carefully designed to enhance a child’soverall growth and well-being. The result? Kids with strong physical skills, who are well-balanced and confident.

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